Best selling fast food sushi kiosk export to United stated


Are you plan start your own food business  ?  are you still worryied can’t find a right supplier help you do it ? I believe all the problems will be solved today. we are a direct factory mainly do customized mall kiosk and display showcase more than ten years , we design and customized depend on personal requirement . Today I’d like to introduce a very popular sushi kiosk. if you also interested about it . pls follow me see more details at below . 


1.Basic information about this sushi kiosk :  

As you see this kiosk mainly tone is gray and brown , basic material is plywood . surface is solid wood and laminate , white man made stone worktop, wooden cabinet for storage , stainless steel skirting with white led light .


The surface of this kiosk with manyfish model decoration , light box , 3d acrylic luminescence Logo, A very simple ceiling with chandelier decoration, looks very beautiful .the front part of this kiosk mainly for display and selling , with a small cashier counter and topping area , the left sides with a juice machine . back sides with many stainless steel sink and wooden cabinet . 

sushi kiosk sushi kiosk




2. Some real production photos for your reference :  

sushi kiosk sushi kiosk




3.Material choose : 


Basic material :

MDF with baking painting  : MDF is a good choose for do many different originality plastic art , Its plasticity is stronger, can do very big bend, can realize a lot of modelling adornment . With baking painting finished , it is very smooth and slippery . In addition, the limitation of baking paint is a single solid color, if you want wood grain effect will be difficult to achieve

Plywood with laminate  :  plywood It has high hardness , Not easy to bend . match laminate , Surface can have a lot of choice, can match different wood grain and different colour .


Worktop : 

stainless steel : Stainless steel table is very environmentally friendly, strong hardness, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, never discoloration

Corian :  Folding resistance, pressure resistance, permeability resistance and other functions, and its wear resistance, acid resistance, high temperature resistance ability is also very strong. In addition. Artificial stone counter design and color variety is complete, rich, can be formed as a whole, but also repeated grinding innovation . It can be bonded seamlessly at any length without any trace of adhesion . Easy to clean, with a strong anti – fouling force .

Solid wood  :  Solid wood natural antibacterial, more sanitary, service life is very long, easy to cut, suitable for irregular shape of the counter . 


4. how to order a sushi kiosk like this one ? 


At first you need  contact us and share all of your ideas . such as shop size , your like color , your logo etc . then we can help you make a new design and put all of your ideas on it . submit the design for get the mall approval . after we confirmed the design , we can start work on this kiosk drawings and production it , usually build it about need 20-22 work days, During the production process, we will take photos to update the progress . the last step is package and shipment it to your port . if you need  we also can direct send this kiosk to your address  .


Thanks for your time and reading . if you want start a sushi kiosk or other mall business . if you not ideas about how to build a attractive kiosk like this one . Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details , thank you !


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