Colorful Ice Cream Kiosk Mall Frozen Yogurt Booth to Suriname

Ice cream kiosk is popular among poeple. Not only in hot summer, but poeple also eat ice cream after dinner. It makes us have a good spirit because of its sweet taste. Here is a colorful ice cream kiosk sharing with you. It is made for a client from Suriname. Let’s view the details together. If you need a coffee kiosk, you can also get a good idea from us.

Description of ice cream kiosk

Size: 3m by 2m, fit for a mall location

Color: the main color is green with colorful stickers.

Materials: The main material is MDF with glossy baking paint, stainless steel kicking, lightbox posters, lighting, acrylic logo, etc.

Details information:

We can see there are two ice cream machines with glass covers on the front side. Clients can buy ice creams easily. Near it is a working table, we can use it as a cashier counter. There is a wall display stand in the corner, we can attach the brand logo to remind poeple. Menu and posters can also add here for advertising. More bubble tea kiosk design

Wall decoration

There are decorated walls surrounding the kiosk, that makes people notice your ice cream booth. So you can put up posters, and attractive ice cream posters here to attract peoples’ attention.

Produce photos show

This ice cream kiosk is well done and pre-built in our workshop. So that the owner can view the effect directly. Before shipping the ice cream kiosk, workers will test it and make sure everything works. They will also clean the counters, and the owner can use them directly.

Ice cream kiosk installation

The counter will be packaged individually, so the owner needs to assemble them together. Just put all counters in the correct order, then connect wires between them. If you have any doubts about the food kiosk, just contact us now. We are ready to help.