Colorful Macaron Kiosk Fast Food Booth with Glass Showcase

food kiosk

Are you looking for a Macaron kiosk to earn money? Macron kiosks become popular because poeple can buy delicious macron from you. No matter what size you need, we can make it for you. Here is a nice macaron kiosk sharing with you.

Description of macron kiosk

This macron kiosk includes glass display showcases, multiple display shelving, a cashier counter, and a street lamp and we can also leave space for equipment.

sweet food kiosk

Size: 4m by 2m, we can also do the same size fit your location

Color: Pink and white color, it makes the sweet food kiosk looks attractive. You can also use it as a symbol of your food kiosk so that clients can remember your food kiosk well.

Layout: There are many glass display showcases to show the items. Clients can purchase them immediately.

Macaron kiosk

We can see in the design, that there are sloping counter corners on 4 sides, which makes your mall kiosk look better. A tall panel between two glass counters is good to put up posters and play video advertising. On the counter body has an acrylic logo with backlit and light box painting. Behind has open shelving to store products for sale.

food booth

The cashier counter is set on one side to check bills and next to it is a tall street lamp decoration. It’s not only for decoration but also attracts poeple. The equipment is set under counter near the entrance, we can also add cabinet doors.


Flooring is important for a mall kiosk, many mall managers require flooring to make sure the kiosk won’t install directly on their flooring. So you can choose the flooring that matches your kiosk well.