Customize 3m by 2m Chocolate Kiosk in Dubai

chocolate counter

How do you think to start a business with the chocolate kiosk? The chocolate kiosk is very popular among poeple because it has good taste with a unique shape. No matter when to start your business, purchasing a special chocolate kiosk is a good choice. Here is a high-end chocolate kiosk sharing with you. Its uses in the Dubai mall.

Description of chocolate kiosk

This chocolate kiosk size is 3m by 2m, it can fit 3m by 3m and 4m by 2m locations by changing the counter layout. Every counter has wheels at the bottom it’s easy to move. We mainly use gray color with brown wood strips to decorate the chocolate kiosk, which highly matches the chocolate products.

sweet food kiosk

Products advantage

This chocolate kiosk is mainly used to show all kinds of chocolates and donuts, so it has many glass showcases surrounding the kiosk. According to the merchant’s requirements, the glass cabinets have different levels and sizes to fit different products. And the curved corner to protect people. view more food kiosk designs

donuts kiosk

Details information

Brand signage

There is brand signage on the counter body with wooden strip decoration, that looks very high-end and luxurious. We can also add a tall panel to install logo, advertising TV can also place here to attracts poeple. Behind has a small water sink with a plate to avoid water splashes.

cholocate kiosk

Lighting lamp

All the glass showcase has a light lamp to increase brightness. We can also add light under the counter table to highlight the shop. A flooring light is a good idea to attract the eyes’ attention.

White stone countertop

White stone showcases chocolate well and is food safety compliant. You can place the chocolate directly on the countertop.

Stainless steel kicking

Stainless steel kicking protects the mall kisok body and extended service life. You can choose a silver or golden color with different effects.