Elegant crepe kiosk wooden fast food booth used in Westfield mall

 waffle kiosk design

Some basic info about this crepe kiosk

crepe booth design

Size: 4m by 3m(different sizes are available)

Color: purple and white color

Accessories included: lightbox menus, led light box, white led light strip, illuminated logos, sink

Usage: it can be used to sell crepes, waffles, snack food, fast food, etc

Materials used: durable wood with purple and white paint finish, white stone countertop

Production time: 22-25 work days after order confirmed

snack food kiosk

This crepe kiosk used a nice purple color-matched white countertop, looks very nice. The front side is a cash and order area with two lightbox menus, people can check the prices and order here. There has a tall pylon with a menu and illuminated logo on it. The left side has nice posters for advertising. The right side has some colorful stripes for decoration. The left side counter is used to cook crepes, the back side counter has a sink, you can cook other food here. The inside has many drawers and cabinets for storage.

fast food booth

How to assemble this kiosk?

Before loading this kiosk we will finish all assemble. We will assemble logos, lights, light boxes, sockets, go wires, and install glass and sink. Considering shipping, we will divide this kiosk into several parts and pack them using hardwood boxes. After you received just need to follow the layout put these sections in the right position and connect a wire between them then can use them.


Features of this crepe kiosk

  1. A lot of light boxes and advertising posters can help attract customers
  2. The color match looks very lovely and elegant. It used pink matched white, added little green and pink stripes on the surface for decoration
  3. The inside layout is very reasonable. Stuff can cook crepes on the left side, and the ice cream fridge put near the cash counter for people to select the ice cream. The back side is a work counter with a sink for people to wash.


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