Gray and Red Color Ice Cream Kiosk to Ireland

ice cream kiosk

Ice cream kiosk is seen everywhere, people can buy one easily. It’s a good idea to open an ice cream kiosk in the shopping mall, supermarket, food court, and events. No matter which country you plan to start a business in, this ice cream kiosk may help you well. It’s designed for a client from Ireland, let’s view more details together.

ice cream kiosk

Introduction of ice cream kiosk

This ice cream kiosk size is 2.5m by 2.2m, fit for smaller locations in the mall and food concession stalls. According to our discussion with the owner, we make the colors green and red color. However, the owner changed gray as the main color. So we confirm the final design quickly.

ice cream mall booth

Layout information

The front side has a cashier counter along with an ice cream machine. So that poeple can order and select directly. There is a long display counter on the back side, it uses as a working table. The water sink is set on the right hand near the entrance to keep the working area clean. We reserve double sockets on the counter plate for crepe machines. It uses as a waffle kiosk and crepe kiosk.

ice cream kiosk

Business logo adds to the counter body, so poeple can remind your business well. There is a tall tower at the side, when poeple enter the shop, they can view you at the first sight.

ice cream kiosk

Produce photos show

We produce the ice cream kiosk based on the confirmed design drawing. You can choose a high glossy surface effect or a matte surface. Workers will complete installation work first, so the owner can view the real looks. Contact us to get your perfect mall kiosk now.

ice cream kiosk feedback

Feedback from clients

The owner got the ice cream kiosk and gives us great praise. We can see the real installation effect directly. No matter how unique a food kiosk you need, just buy in our factory.