High End Coffee Kiosk with Plywood in the Mall

coffee kiosk

Are you looking for a nice coffee kiosk to high-level the shop theme? A coffee kiosk is a good place to sell coffee and fast food because most people drink coffee together with bread as breakfast. It’s a great idea to open a coffee kiosk in the shopping mall to earn money. Today, I want to share a useful food kiosk with you.

coffee cabinet

Layout information

We can see this coffee kiosk has counters and a display showcase surrounding the lease line. That can make full use of space for work. The front side has a glass showcase on the counter table, and near it is the cashier counter with the register. While the left hand has long worked the counter for work, coffee machine, blender set here for usage. While the back wall is good to hang menus and advertising. The entrance door is set on the right hand, and close to it is a glass machine to keep the food temperature.

coffee booth

Description of the coffee booth

Size: 3m by 2.6m, depending on the location size of the mall

Color: Wooden color and black,  that matches the brand theme well. You can also use another color to get a special coffee shop effect.

Material: Plywood with wooden veneer. We can also use solid wood panels, lamination, tile, and artificial grass to decorate the coffee kiosk. Other materials include stainless steel, metal tube, LED light, acrylic, and stone countertop.

Coffee kiosk


The top roof is in black color surrounding the lease line. The back wall connects to the ceiling, it uses as support with a metal tube on the front counter. The business logo attaches to the ceiling to remind people of your business. No matter how unique a coffee kiosk you want, just contact us to customize it.