high end commercial mall food bubble tea kiosk for sale


Hello everyone , long time no see , everything is going well ?  juice kiosk is very popular always , many client inquiry and start his business in this summer . so , I decided to share this cabinet with you  , is very popular in United stated, very modern and exquisite .

So far we have produced two sets of the same style for American customers, just different size . The first one this style juice bar kiosk we made is the end of last year , the second one just send it out last week .   


1.Basic information about this bubble tea kiosk :

You can see whole kiosk is very high end and modern . mainly provide bubble tea , juice and coffee service.  just the tone and size is different . removed the bar counter and bar chair. surface choose grey and Dark brown wood grain laminate.Tawny marble countertop , front part using white sunshine stone , is very bright . you will notice the front counter of this kiosk not have stainless steel container.Replaced by a stainless steel refrigerator workbench . is a good choose for Storage of raw materials . 

I think you will find this kiosk equipped with stainless steel three-hole sinks . A general food kiosk only needs to install a single-hole or two-hole sink, but exporting to the United States mandates the use of a three-hole sink. Almost all American stores have this basic requirement, which is why we must do so.


bubble tea kiosk bubble tea kiosk


2. Some real production photos for your review . 


bubble tea kiosk bubble tea kiosk


3. How can i build a bubble tea kiosk like this one ?  

1.Get a shop lease in mall or  landlord , Make sure there are enough customers in the busy area .

2.Contact us and share all of your ideas about this shop , such as style , tone , equipment list , if you no have more ideas , we also can help  you suggestion . 

3.Make a 3d design for get approval . usually mall manager need  see the whole shop 3d design and construction plan . we can help you do it first . if there have anything dislike , we also can help you modify it . 

4.Confirmed the design and drawings. start production and take photo update the progress . 

5.Take finish photo assemble and package it . shipping it to you nearest port , if you need  we also can direct send it to your address . 


Thanks for your time and reading . if you want start a bubble tea kiosk or other mall business . if you not ideas about how to build a attractive kiosk like this one . Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details , thank you !


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