High-end mall coffee kiosk wooden coffee bar counter used at airport

As we know, coffee is one of the most popular drink on the world. People love drink coffee is because it can help you relax yourself. You can sit with friends to have some coffee after one day work. Instead of opening coffee shops, more and more people will choose to open coffee kiosks in malls.

coffee kiosk for sale

Today I want to share a nice coffee kiosk we just did for an American. He will open this kiosk in airport. See this coffee booth, whole kiosk used dark coffee wood color matched black color, this kind color match is very suitable to sell coffee. The front is cash counter with a cake display case on it. The back side is work counter with sink. Because his location is against wall, so this kiosk did a wall on back side. There have 2 racks fixed on the wall to put cup and some accessories. The middle is a big logo. Under countertop have storage cabinets.

coffee bar booth

Detailed info about this mall coffee kiosk

mall coffee counter

Size: 10ft by 8ft

Color: black and dark coffee wood color

Materials used: plywood with solid wood veneer finish, black laminate

Accessories included: 3d illuminated logo, acrylic logo letters, stainless steel sink

Customize: different size and colors are available

How to start your own coffee kiosk business?

  1. You need to meet mall management to find a good location, this is very important
  2. You need to order the necessary equipment, such as coffee machines, ice machine, fridge, blender etc
  3. You need to customize your own food kiosk. You need to search and find a professional to help you build the coffee booth

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