Small Size Fast Food Kiosk, Milkshakes Booth ,JuIce bar & Smoothies kiosk design for Shopping Mall

Best Milkshakes Kiosk  For Sale

You can see the whole kiosk is very mini and simple, mainly tone is white match a little orange and brown color wood grain, basic material is MDF, the surface is baking painting finished and colorful sticker strip. the white man-made stone worktop. wooden cabinet, stainless steel skirt with white led light strip.  

At the front of this kiosk is a cashier counter and steamer, the left side is a double Double plate crepe maker. There are two refrigerators under the table. back sides is a coffee machine, a milkshakes machine, and a single stainless steel sink . . the kiosk surface with a lightbox, and color strip, very bright and colorful. 


milkshakes kioskmilkshakes kiosk

Basic information 

  • Item Name:  milkshakes kiosk.
  • Size: 2m by 2m. 
  • Color:  white, orange, brown wood grain. 
  • Material:  MDF, veneer. 
  • Accessories:  light box, acrylic logo. led light strip. 
  • Kiosk Service: Ideal for fast food, sweet corn, crepe, milkshakes, coffee, etc.
  • Design:  3d max and CAD drawings.
  • Delivery: 20-22 work days.
  • Package :  foam inside + wooden box outside . 

Real production photos

Check the finished image our this milkshake kiosk, small but cute, and functionla.

milkshakes kioskmilkshakes kioskmilkshakes kioskmilkshakes kiosk

How can I customize a milkshake kiosk like this one?  

  1. have an idea for the whole shop style and service,  Make sure there are sufficient Development markets and consumer groups.
  2. Rent a store or a lease in a shopping mall, but need to sure the location environment, Bustling, with enough people flow. If you have your own storefront, then you can decide on all the details on your own. On the contrary, if it is used in the shopping mall, it must meet the criteria of the shopping mall, ( usually, mall criteria mainly for material, height, and electrical wire safety, if your design team has enough professionalism and experience, it’s Easy to approve).
  3. Find a direct supplier to make a 3d design and drawings.  — as a direct supplier, before designing we will confirm the shop layout, style, color match, material request, etc . also can give you some professional advice. then we will start designing and put all of your ideas on it. confirmed the design and start making drawings. ( you can see all details here, with each part size material and surface finished details, will according to the production of the drawings) .
  4. Install the whole shop and start operating, You can hire several people to help you if the shop is enough big. 

Packing Details

Step 1 Clear the product
Step 2 EPE Foam inner packed, all around the product. 
Step 3 Bubble foam on each side protected
Step 4 10mm MDF with 18mm plywood frame cartons.
Step 5 Paint the marks on the wooden carton.
Step 6 All steps are designed for safe protection and long-distance transportation.
Step 7 We will order shipment insurance for all orders, the insurance is free.

Delivery Time Frame

  • How long can you receive the kiosk after ordering?
  • Total delivery = Kiosk design progress + Kiosk manufacture time + shipping time to port + delivery time from port to mall
  • Kiosk design progress: 7-10 days.
  • Kiosk building time: 15-18 work days.
  • shipping time to port: 15-18 days.
  • delivery time from port to mall:5-7 days.

Thanks for your time and reading, if you need further info about this milkshakes kiosk, pls feel free to contact us, thank you!