Large Size Juice Kiosk Food Concession Stand in the Mall

juice kiosk

For those who want to reduce start-up capital, it’s a good option to find a partner. So people can buy all kinds of food from your shop. And you can share the renting fees. Here is a nice beverage kiosk design to share with you. If you and your partner have differnet businesses, it can also help well. Let’s view more details information together.

juice cabinet

Description of juice kiosk

This kiosk occupies a large location in the mall. But you can rent a suitable space size accordingly. It’s good to sell fresh juice, crepes, and waffles. You can also sell other food like bubble tea, ice cream, smoothie, frozen yogurt, hot dog, bread, etc. Just put the necessary machines in the proper location.

juice showcase

Layout information

This food concession stall has a symmetrical beauty. It has a service desk and a work area on both sides, and a circular display area connects the two parts in the middle. The main color is yellow with a white countertop, attractive and useful. We can also put up posters, menus, and brand logos on the counter body and roof so that clients will notice and remember the company theme well. Open cabinets with multiple shelving can use for the storage of more items for sale.

juice booth

Material information

The main material is MDF to build the kiosk body, it can make unique shapes to make your food shop outstanding. The surface treatment is glossy baking paint, when the kiosk is set in the brilliant shopping center, it creates a high-level atmosphere. Stainless steel kicking protects the kicking and LED lights surround the kiosk to appeal to more clients. An artificial stone counter with a round corner is convenient to use. We can also set water sink to wash hands and keep food kiosks clean.

If you need a nice juice kiosk, just send us an inquiry and tell us your thoughts. We are glad to help you customize your unique kiosk.