Matte Glossy Sushi Kiosk Food Booth in Canadian Mall

Do you like sushi? Recently, many poeple have inquiries about sushi kiosks and hoping to get a nice sushi kiosk to start a business. My Food Kiosk makes customize mall food kiosks, I am sure you will get a wonderful sushi cabinet from us. Today, I want to share a high-end sushi kiosk with you. With its use in Canadian malls, we can also make it fit your ideas.

Description of food booth in the mall

For mall food shop, it has a working counter, a food display showcase, and a cashier counter. So it is good to start a business and attracts people. Besides, we should also attach a business logo, menu board, and even TV players to remind poeple of new dishes.

  • Size: 10ft by 15ft, or other specified dimensions
  • Color: Black surface with matte brush surface effect
  • Material: Plywood with lamination, 8mm tempered glass, metal tube corner production, stainless steel kicking, etc.
  • Usage: Fit for sushi, food, and beverages.
  • Location: Shopping mall, food restaurant, and supermarket

Tempered glass set on the countertop used as a sneeze guard. Most of the food booth has glass board to meet the mall rules.

Details information about sushi kiosk

The sushi kiosk has a machine on the front, clients can see fresh food directly. There are individual counters with shelving on both sides, and a metal tube in the front to remind consumers to keep their distance from the equipment. More sushi kiosk design

Refridgerator and working counter set at left and right hands side, that is convenient to start a business. Hollow-out logo in green color set on the wall. While the back side has a 3 compartment sink and a handwash sink. There is a metal tube from the wall, that use to support the roof. You can also fix the roof to the mall ceiling with the mall’s permission.