Modern and Attractive Protein Powder Kiosk in the Gym

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Protein powder is very important for people who exercise regularly and want to gain muscle. So it’s a good idea to start a protein powder business in gyms, sports training grounds, and clubs. People can replenish energy in time while exercising. Here is a nice protein power kiosk sharing with you. It’s made for clients from Felixstowe, UK. View the food kiosk here

protein powder counter

3D design protein powder kiosk

This food kiosk size is 3m by 3m and includes many display showcase areas. We can see the front side has a glass display in the middle and counters on both sides. The semi-circular arc counter in the middle is used as a reception counter, and the counter next to it is a polygonal corner to avoid accidental bumps in sharp corners.

protein powder cabinet

Display showcase with counter

We can see there is a tall display shelving with glasses and a brand logo on the top. It’s a good place to show protein powder products. The stone counter is used as a working counter, while under the counter has lock cabinets for storage. Inside the cabinets has adjustable shelving, which is convenient for people to place more products. Near the entrance door is an L shape wall with light box painting outside. This area is good to place a beverage machine so that clients can buy products together.

food booth

Material information

Main material: Plywood with laminate

Countertop material: White artificial stone

Shelving: 8mm tempered glass

Logo: Acrylic logo

Other materials: Stainless steel, light box painting, hardware, etc.

food showcase

Produce photos show

The production follows the confirmed 3D design step by step, that is to make sure the owner can receive the same food kiosk they choose. We will also take photos and videos to update the progress. Once the kiosk is ready, you can see what the kiosk looks like.

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