Multifunction mall food corn kiosk with crepe kiosk export UK


Multifunction mall food corn kiosk with crepe kiosk export UK 


Good news !  we finished a food kiosk and send it our today , is export UK, this kiosk for selling corn , crepe , coffee , milkshakes etc . the below is more details showcase .  


1.  Basic information about this corn kiosk .  


Item name : corn kiosk .

Size : 2000X2000mm .

Color : white and orange .

Material : Fire retardant MDF , E1 plywood.

Countertop :  white man made stone . 

Skirting : stainless steel skirting with white led light .

Design : 3d max and CAD drawings .

Delivery : 15-18 work days .


For this corn kiosk total size is  2m by 2m , can for selling sweet corn , crepes . milkshakes . This seems to be more than you can imagine, such a small cabinet can have this many uses . As you see this kiosk mainly tone is white, basic material is MDF , surface is glossy baking painting and colorful sticker ,inside is orange color glossy baking painting finished . with two quality  luminescence acrylic logo . four light box and a 27 inch TV showings . 


corn kiosk



Let’s see the  kiosk inside . with a small corn steamer , a small cash register , a double tray crepe machine , a coffee machine and a milkshakes kiosk .  next is a single sink . under the counter have two fridge . 


corn kiosk


The below is some real production photos for your reference .


corn kiosk corn kiosk corn kiosk corn kiosk


How to build a food kiosk like this one ?  


Contact us and share all of your ideas about this kiosk . such as location size , color, logo, equipment list etc . we made a 3 d design and put all of your ideas on it , submit the design to your mall manager audit . if there have anything mall manager not allow or dislike , we can modify it , after Through design review , we will start work on the kiosk drawings . after the mall approve the drawings , we will arrange production this kiosk. 


Thanks for your time and reading , if you need more further info about this corn kiosk,  pls feel free to contact us , thank you  !  


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