New finished frozen yogurt kiosk smoothie bar design used in UK

Frozen yogurt is a very popular snack. It’s made with yogurt and fruit, and it’s very cold and delicious. In addition to ice cream, frozen yogurt is also a good choice. If you also want to start a frozen yogurt business, you first have to customize a frozen yogurt kiosk. It is very important to find a professional supplier to help you design and customize your food kiosk.

frozen yogurt kiosk

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Basic info about this frozen yogurt kiosk

Size: 15ft by 10ft

Color: white and wood color

Accessories included: illuminated logos, white led light strip, stainless steel topping pans, stainless steel sink

Materials used: high-density MDF wood with white and blue paint finish, solid wood veneer

Usage: this kiosk can be used to sell frozen yogurt, ice cream, cakes, coffee, etc

ice cream counter

See this frozen yogurt kiosk, its front side is the order and cash area. It comes with many stainless steel topping pans with glass covers to display different kinds of fruits, people can select the tastes they like. There has a cake display fridge on the left side of the topping area, The left side is the cash area and work area. The right side is a sink and a coffee machine. The back side has two frozen yogurt machines. Its front used white color, added little blue stripes, and looks very elegant. The left, right, and back sides used nice wood color, looks very modern. The countertop used white stone, which is very easy to clean and durable.

mall yogurt booth


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