New finished squeeze juice bar kiosk fresh bubble tea booth supplier

Fresh juice is greatly welcomed by people. They tastes very good, also very good for health. Squeezed juice is more popular. We just did a nice squeeze juice bar kiosk shipped to USA, here share you have a look. See this juice booth, it looks very attractive. Its front side used pink Translucent stone, which is illuminated with lights inside. The left and right side used solid wood panels, the back side used white color with 2 light boxes. It has an arch rack with 3D logo letters on it, and there have several light box menus hang from the rack. There has a L shape rack with spot lights on each corner to illuminate the counter area. There has a small bar table attached with the kiosk, after you ordered can have food and drinks here.

juice bar kiosk

Basic info about this fresh juice bar kiosk

juice bar kiosk

Size: 12ft by 10ft

Color: wood color and white color

Items included: all counters and cabinets, logos, menus, sinks, light box signs

Other accessories: stainless steel topping pans, 3D logo letters, led light strip

Production time: 25 work days after drawing confirmed

fresh juice booth for sale

Detailed materials introduction

bubble smoothie booth

  1. Countertop: we use white corian stone for countertop finish, it is very durable, smooth and easy to clean
  2. Front side: pink translucent stone
  3. Kiosk surface: white laminate and solid wood panels finish
  4. Inside cabinet: wood laminate finish

4 tops to help you design your bubble tea kiosk more attractive

  1. Fantastic light boxes are needed for advertising

You can put some nice juice, fruits and bubble tea posters on the surface of the kiosk. These can help attract customers.

  1. Little sitting area are welcomed

You can make a small bar table attached with kiosk. After people ordered, they can sit there have food and drinks. This is very humane.

  1. Menus and logos should be prominently placed

Logo is your brand, it need to be very bright and easy to be find by people. The menus can put next to cash counter, may be on a pylon or just put them on the top rack.