Orange and White Candy Kiosk Mall Booth in Atlanta

candy kiosk

Do you like sweet candy? Sweet candy food kiosk in a good location in the mall. The candy kiosk is popular because of its yummy taste and it can bring us good spirits. Here is a nice candy kiosk to share with you. It’s made for customers from Atlanta, USA. The owner orders one set first, then order more to expand the business.

candy kiosk

Description of the candy kiosk

This candy kiosk size is 10ft by 15 ft, fit for most locations in the mall. Regarding the clients’ requirements, we mainly use orange and white stripes to decorate the food kiosk. It has two towers standing on a diagonal, a good location to show posters and business logos. We can even add a light box there for advertising.

candy display showcase

Display counter of mall food kiosk

We can see there are 2 layers at different levels, which is convenient to show the candy box and plate. So that, poeple can purchase goods directly without effect other candy boxes. On the counter body, it also has a lightbox to show “CANDY FOR YOU” which reminds people of your business. There is a metal frame on the top with light strips to highlight the products.

candy booth design

Cashier counter

There is a cashier counter at the side, a tall tempered glass in front with a tall panel with a window at the bottom to pass items. Behind has drawers and cabinets with doors, we can add shelving to place items. Another side view as an entrance, we can also add a mobile counter here to get into the cabinets. More candy kiosk design show

candy counter

Water sink

There is a 3 compartment sink to the cabinets, it’s an individual water sink with a water pump. Move them out when in use and place them under the counter when not in use. It will take up no space and be very flexible to use.