Popular Design Sushi Kiosk Design Modern Mall Food Kiosk for Sale

mall sushi cabinet

Sushi kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping center. The sushi kiosk includes a display counter, working the counter, storage cabinets, roof, etc. Today, I want to share It’s a nice idea to open a sushi kiosk for you. You can also use it to sell fast food, snacks, and beverages to increase sales.

Mall sushi kisok design


Most sushi kiosk has a decorated roof at the top, it looks attractive and can appeal to more clients. People can also view your shop and business at the first sight. This wooden roof has metal tube support at 4 sides, decoration lights hang here for attractiveness. However, you should talk with the mall manager first about whether there is a limited height for the kiosk. If yes, remember to follow their rules.

sushi counter

Display showcase

There is a large display showcase on one side, and a topping bar counter on the close side. While in the middle corner set POS system for checking bills and serve poeple.  marble stone counter with lighting. White and wooden surfaces express a natural and fresh theme to clients.

sushi kiosk

Working counter with seating

Another two sides have a working counter inside. It has a tall wall separating inside from clients. You can add a bar counter with chairs outside for clients to sit down. A water sink adds to the countertop of the sushi kiosk for usage. While another wall has lighted signage with green grass background.

Brand logo stand

One side of the dining table has a brand tall board, with an acrylic logo and posters on the front. TV players can also attach here for advertising. Your brand name can also attach to the front of the sushi kiosk roof. View more sushi kiosk designs here