Retro bubble tea shop with bar counter for shopping mall


Retro bubble tea shop with bar counter for shopping mall 


1. Below is some steps for build a buble tea shop : 

  • To look for a location .

  • How to register a business .

  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Urbanspoon, Yelp etc.) 

  • Staffing (it’s going to be a small bubble tea shop so I’m not looking to hire that many people, I’m willing to work front end as well as taking care of paperwork and whatever needs to be done when I’m not at the store) .

  • Equipment such as a bubble tea shaker, that plastic lid maker thing, ice machine, blenders etc. and where to get them .

  • Supplies both perishable and non-perishable .

  • Tables and chairs .

  • Logo and signage and lots more .


2. a good shop Planning and design are vital .

The below is a bubble tea shop design we made , whole shop is very Retro and original ecology.the wall use red tile and green  leaf decoration, inside with wooden floor , The whole color is very harmonious , whole store have two area , selling area and seating area . 


The right sides of this shop have a ” U ” shape wooden counter with cabinet for storage , surface is acrylic with led light and logo showings . Next to the bar with bar chair . othere area with many table and chair . The whole space is very comfortable. the below is some HD bubble tea shop images for your review , hope is helpful for your business . 

bubble tea shop bubble tea shop bubble tea shop bubble tea shop


3. how to order a bubble tea shop like this one ? 

At first you need  contact us and share all of your ideas . such as shop size , your like color , your logo etc . then we can help you make a new design and put all of your ideas on it . submit the design for get the mall approval . after we confirmed the design , we can start work on this kiosk drawings and production it , usually build it about need 20-22 work days, During the production process, we will take photos to update the progress . the last step is package and shipment it to your port . if you need  we also can direct send this kiosk to your address  .


Thanks for your time and reading , if you need more further info about this bubble tea shop , pls feel free to contact us , thank you !  


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