Round Shape Sushi Kiosk Mall Food Booth for Sale

sushi kiosk

It’s a profitable option to open a sushi kiosk in the mall. For mall food kiosks, the sushi kiosk provides all kinds of food so the consumer can buy them directly. Here is a nice sushi kiosk sharing with, it’s in round shape and may give you good ideas to decorate your own sushi kiosk.

sushi cabinet

Description of sushi kiosk design

This sushi kiosk size is 2.2m in diameter, allowing one person to work. The main material is MDF with baking paint. We can use also stainless steel as decoration and metal tubes to support the roof. We can add lightbox posters on the top to show clients.

Front counter

We can see another large freezer in the front, it shows all kinds of sushi for sale. The countertop has a plate  On both sides, there are curved display cabinets with glass shelving, which also as a base to support the roof.

food concession stand

Working counter

The sushi counter has a working counter, it is also in a curved shape with a water sink. We can also add lock cabinets at the bottom for storage. The business logo is set on the front side so that poeple can remember your business well.

fast food kiosk

How to produce a unique sushi kiosk?

First step: make the wood body of the sushi kiosk. We will first make a technical drawing to show the exact measurements and counter details of the sushi kiosk.

Second step: do the surface treatment. For baking paint surfaces, it needs about 7-10 workdays to complete. And we can see the high-end and glossy shop effect.

Final step: we install the wires, light, logo, and posters. In this step, we can view the whole mall food kiosk looks.