sanck food kiosk

Hello, warm welcome visit our sanck kiosk, this is SHENZHEN UNIQUE FURNITURE LTD, we are kiosk designer and manufacturer, we mainly do customized of food kiosk, all of our kiosk are customized for you.  let me showing some pictures for your check.

Details about this kiosk 

This is a food kiosk, can used in mall or shopping mall, can selling food, snack, pizza, donut ans so on, all of anything about this kiosk can customized it for you.

♥ some pictures about this for your check

snack food kiosk snack food kiosk snack food kiosk snack food kiosk

♥ size & color

This kiosk size usually is 10*10 feet. 12*12 feet, brown and white in this kiosk is ok, size and color can customized it for you.

♥ material  & including

this kiosk mainly material is plywood,  finished is laminate, artificial stone work table, Stainless steel skirting . with a top, cabinet, a single sink, this kiosk will with your Logo, some light box on it according to your needs.

♥ some production pictures for your check. 

snack food kiosk

♥ about us :

Shenzhen Unique furniture limited company, honored as China’s leading shopping malls and stores furniture suppliers,has more than ten year experience in creating professional showcase, cabinet, kiosks.We design different kinds of shopping malls kiosk, counters, cabinet ,carts, food kiosk ,coffee kiosk , tea kiosk ,hair dressing kiosk and showcase ,some as cashier, jewelry , jewelry store design decoration, cosmetics showcase, showcase mobile phone, clothing shoes showcase, crafts gift showcase, supermarket stores overall matching furniture various specialshaped showcase. Our work Process covers the carpentry, paint, hardware, stainless steel, iron, acrylic, we can make it in fashion and unique style, we have personalized management, standardized production process, advanced process equipment, We can design large shopping center and complete the construction of large area, restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores decoration design quantity format. Make your brand in the market to win more economic benefits.

♥ how to contact us : 

contact person : Lisa Kong

Whatsapp :  +86 186 6535 8507

Skype : uniquefurniturejane

ADD : 78th, Shahe Rd | Lianghua Industrial Zone| Henggang County | Shenzhen city, Guangdong, China