Sky blue creative candy kiosk with stainless steel roof for sale

Sky blue candy kiosk introduction

Today I would like to introduce you to a candy store. A candy booth for both indoor and outdoor use. As you approach the kiosk, the first thing you see is the blue exterior of the store that day. Like a peaceful ocean. On the body of the blue cabinet, the words of candy shop  write in pink color, and there is a candy shape. The kiosk tops also feature candy shapes and a yellow-pink glowing candy shop logo.

The unique smell of candy kiosk

Walking into the kiosk, a sweet breath hit your face, as if it were a warm embrace from the candy world. The wall cabinet display behind the kiosk is also blue, and the candy bars are neatly arrange. There are colorful fruit drops, crystal clear hard candy, and soft sweet marshmallows. These candies in the blue background, appear more attractive, let people can not help but want to taste one. Each kind of candy is carefully packaged. Some are in transparent glass bottles, and some are in small cardboard boxes, as if they were a precious gift.Please clink here.

In the middle of the kiosk counter, there is a large blue candy display, which is filled with all kinds of strange shapes of candy. There are candies shaped like flowers, candies shaped like animals, and candies shaped like cartoon characters. These candies are not only delicious food, but also a piece of exquisite art, attracting the attention of customers.

The special atmosphere of candy kiosk

Outside the candy kiosk, set up some high chairs. Here, customers can sit back, taste delicious sweets, and enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation. A black stainless steel mesh roof extends over the sitting area, adding a different atmosphere to the small space. This blue style candy shop with black stainless steel mesh top is not only a place to sell candy, but also a world full of dreams and sweet. It attracts everyone who loves life and pursues sweetness to come here, where they can find their own sweet and happy.

We have a lot of candy store customers and receive a lot of positive feedback from customers. Whatever you have in mind, we can turn it into reality. Please feel free to contact us, we will design and produce good quality and beautiful candy kiosks for you.