Sky blue solid wood cabinet body metal support decoration small cute coffee kiosk for sale

The exterior of the coffee kiosk

The overall shape of the coffee kiosk introduced today is a small and lovely square. It has a refined and compact feel. Although it occupies a small area, it contains endless warmth and comfort. The pavilion is mainly made of solid wood strips. The natural wood texture is clearly visible, as if telling the story of the years. Solid wood is paint sky blue, this fresh color adds a little liveliness and agility to the whole coffee kiosk. It was as if a part of the sky had been subtly incorporated into it.

Decorative accessories for coffee kiosks

The metal decorative bracket of the coffee kiosk is like a solid guardian, supporting the top of the coffee kiosk with its stable posture. The presence of metal brackets makes the coffee kiosk more perfect. These metal brackets have been carefully polished and treated, giving off a cold and tough air. With the sky blue solid wood bar formed a sharp contrast, but complement each other.

Coffee kiosk interior and back wall

Look at the interior of the coffee kiosk, the black cabinet is completely different from the appearance. The two together look very contrasting, but so harmonious. The brown walls create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. This brown is warm and mellow, as if it is the color of the earth, which makes people have a down-to-earth feeling. It is set off against the sky blue cabinet body, making the whole space more hierarchical.

Solid wood strip cabinet body design is unique. The sky blue wooden strips neatly arranged are simple and fashionable, both beautiful and practical. The cabinet can hold a variety of coffee utensils and ingredients. They are lined up in neat rows, waiting to churn out delicious coffee for their customers. The surface of the cabinet is smooth and delicate, comfortable to touch, and people can’t help but want to touch. If there is enough space around the coffee kiosk, put some simple and comfortable tables and chairs. To provide customers with a place to relax and enjoy a coffee.

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This small square coffee kiosk with metal support sky blue solid wood cabinet with brown walls. More than just a place to serve coffee, it is like a peaceful haven in the city. Let people find a corner where they can rest and relax in their busy lives. We have more than ten years of experience in commercial display booth design and production. I have done a variety of display cases and store layout designs for customers from different countries. If you see this article, please be sure to communicate with us. We will advise you on your business needs from a professional perspective. And focus on turning your ideas into reality.