Snow Story Kiosk Sweet Food Concession Stand for Sale

food concession kiosk

Everyone likes attractive food kiosks to start a business. It will give poeple a deep impression and gain more clients. Today, I want to share nice food kiosks here. It’s a popular style that can use in shopping malls, food courts, restaurant stores, and even supermarkets. Let’s view the details of the food kiosk.

mall food kiosk

Description of juice bar kiosk

As we can see in this food concession stall, the main color is red with black decoration. There are full of different sizes of “white snow” surrounding the counter body. Like most of the food booths in the mall, the food booth includes a display counter, cashier counter, storage cabinets, and brand signage.

ice cream kiosk

Layout information

We can see the front counter has a glass display machine, which you can use as a sweet food kiosk selling cupcakes and snacks here. Cashier register set here for advertising. Near it is a long working counter necessary equipment can place here for usage. The water sink is set on the countertop, and the bottom has storage cabinets.

food booth

Attracts items

We can see there are 2 stands with retro-style lights in the middle, they are regarded as the support of the signboard and also the highlight of the food booth. The brand signage also has a lovely background, creative and vivid. While another corner also has tall brand logo stands with a curved model at the top. It makes poeple leave a deep impression. Their counters have wave-style tempered glass on the ice cream kiosk. And hollow carved decorative panels that create a retro style and embellish the theme

Material information

This frozen yogurt kiosk material includes MDF, stainless steel, artificial stone, tempered glass, acrylic, etc. We can also use tile, green grass, wooden veneer to make it looks better.