Solid Wooden Bar Counter Wine Kiosk for Sale

bar counter

The wine counter and beer kiosk are seen on the shopping bar counter. People drink wine and beer to get rid of the stress of life and work. Here is a nice wine bar kiosk to share with you. It’s fit for wine shops, shopping centers, and even clubs. You can also add new ideas to make it highlight the shop theme.

bar counter

Description of Beer kiosk

This beer kiosk has a bar counter with seats, a working counter for place machines, wall high wall cabinets for place cups and storage. It needs an area of 4m by 4m, that can serve more people at a time. The main material is Plywood with wooden lamination, you can choose solid wood to get a better effect. The countertop is quartz stone, it can enhance the image of the store, and is scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and waterproof.

bar cabinet

The layout of the wine counter

We can see the front side has a cashier register in the middle, customers order and pay cash here. It can also use as a display showcase counter with a menu to guide poeple in ordering. Under the counter has space for equipment, it can restore beers for sale. View bar counter here

bar kiosk

Both sides have a double level of the coffee counter table. Inside lower counter has wines, a water sink, and equipment, while the top is higher and used as a dining bar with bar chairs. People can sit down and drink a glass of beer.

wine kiosk

Back wall cabinets

We can see the back side has display cabinets at the top, it has multiple layers of open shelving to show goods. There is a lattice shape in the middle of the counter, which is used to store red wine. Besides, there are also open spaces for storage.

No matter when you need a wine kiosk or beer counter, contact us to get more wonderful design solutions.