UK Standard Coffee Kiosk Wooden Cafe Counter for Sale

coffee kiosk

Are you looking for a nice coffee kiosk used in the shopping mall? The coffee kiosk is a good place to sell cafes, bread, cakes, bread, and even green tea. Here is a high-end coffee kiosk sharing with you. It’s designed for UK customers, you can also get more kiosk decoration ideas from this design.

Description of a coffee kiosk

Size: This coffee kiosk is 10ft by 10ft.

Content: It has a display counter, cashier counter, storage cabinet, back wall, and roof. It upgrades your coffee shop theme and increases product value.

Color: Wooden grain color and back

Style: Vintage metal style

coffee counter

Coffee bar counter

We can see the beverage counters has wooden bar decoration with warm LED light under the countertop. The back counter has a coffee machine and blender on the table. Under counter has space for a freezer and a cabinet for storage. We can see that the back wall has wood bars of different lengths, giving it a unique vibe. Stainless steel water sink is set near the entrance door, which makes the booth attractive and nice.

coffee shop

Quartz stone countertop

Quartz stones are covering the counter and side, which makes the food kiosk looks good. It is scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and non-slip. Can carry out business activities well, and can upgrade your store grade.

coffee booth


This coffee kiosk has a waterproof top, because it is in an open-air mall, to protect from the sun and rain. The roof is a double-layered design, taking into account both aesthetics and usability, and you can also hang your logo here to attract people’s attention. Metal mesh background decoration is very popular recently, you can add it to the display cabinet design.