Unique and Attractive Ice Cream Kiosk in Ireland Mall

ice cream kiosk

The ice cream kiosk is popular among poeple, both adults and teenagers like ice cream. It’s a good idea to open an ice cream kiosk in the shopping mall. No matter how big a juice bar kiosk you need, we can meet your demands. Today, I want to share a unique ice cream kiosk with you. You can view it in the Ireland mall.

ice cream kiosk

Layout of ice cream kiosk

This ice cream kiosk has a C shape counter at the back and a square in the front. Because it matches the location in the mall. We can see the front has machines, merchants can sell fried yogurt, roll up ice cream, etc. The topping bar counter is set next to it to improve work efficiency. We can also add a glass panel in front of the counter regarding food hygiene.

frozen yogurt showcase

We can set the cashier counter on one side for checking bills. There wall on both sides to support the ceiling, and logo and LED lights are set on the ceiling to increase brightness. View more frozen yogurt kiosks

ice cream counter

The water sink is set at the entrance door. The owner requested to add an instant hot water faucet and install a water system to provide daily water. All the under-counter cabinets have lock doors, which is good to restore more items.

ice cream cabinet

Decorations of ice cream kiosk

There are stickers surrounding the cabinets so that people can view them from different directions. Lightboxes, posters, and hollow-out luminous logos add to the counter body for advertising. We can see it looks good when installed in the shopping mall.

ice cream shop

Material information

The main material is MDF with baking paint finishes. White artificial stone decorates the countertop, so it is durable to use and protects kisok. Stainless steel kicking with floor light makes your ice cream shop outstanding. No matter when you need a unique mall kiosk, don’t forget to send us an inquiry.