Unique Bun Kiosk Food Concession Stall in California

mall kiosk for food

Have you ever tasted buns? The bun is one of the very delicious pastries. Most people eat steamed buns with soy milk or milk for breakfast, you can also view it as a snack. Buns have a great market in the USA, I am sure that you will earn money by starting with a bun kiosk. Today, I want to share a nice bun kiosk with you.

food kiosk size

Mall food kiosk layout

This Bun kiosk size is 15ft by 10ft, which matches the rent size in the mall. We set the cashier counter and pick-up window on the front side. That is convenient for clients to order and pick up food directly. There is a menu board near it to guide people to choose food.

bun kiosk

Back wall

There is a large business logo on the back wall with a slogan, that reminds poeple of your business. We can set refrigerator, microwave and necessary machines for usage. While the countertop has tall tempered glass as a sneeze guard so that clients can see buns directly.

fast food kiosk

Details information

There are 2 wooden display shelving on the counter, that decorates the kiosk well and can also show items here. There are stickers on the counter body, that makes the shop vivid and looks attractive. Lightbox painting to show the delicious food to clients.

food cabinet

Produce details

Workers produce the bun kiosk according to the confirmed 3D design. We will make the wooden body first, then make the lamination surface treatment. Finally, install the wires, doors, and lights. So that we can view the final effect directly.

FOOD BOOTH bun kiosk in the USA