Unique Tree Style Juice Kiosk Mall Food Kiosk to South Africa

unique juce kiosk

Do you look for an attractive and creative food kiosk for business? No matter what kind of food and beverage you sell, this unique mall helps you well. It is in a round house with service counters and a seating area. We make it for a client from South Africa, hold on your step and view more details together.

juice kiosk

Description of the juice kiosk

Size: 3m diameter and 2.2m total height. Size is customized to meet special requirements.

Color: Green, yellow and wooden color. It makes poeple feel your food shop provides fresh and healthier food.

Usage: It is good to sell juice, bubble tea, ice cream, crepe, waffle, coffee, etc.

Material: MDF with glossy baking paint surface, wooden veneer decoration, tempered glass, kicking, hardware, LED light lamp, etc.

juice counter

Layout introduction

As we can see this beverage kiosk looks like a circle. You can set a topping bar counter with glass covers surrounding the lease so that clients can select food directly. Cashier register placed on an individual curved counter for checking bills, large brand letters on the body.

juice showcase

Center display

In the center is a round working counter with a tree stand inside. The counter has lock cabinets for storage and a water sink for usage. While the tree style in the middle is not only for decoration but also supports the big ceiling. It is the finishing touch to the whole design, making the juice kiosk unique and more expressive

juice booth


This food concession stand has double roofs, inside is a small circle in yellow color while the outer is in green and a little taller. So people can view the bottom of the inner roof directly. Luminous logos, lightbox posters insert to the roof for advertising, making poeple reminds of your business well. No matter when you need special food kiosks, just contact us now!