United stated popular ice cream kiosk design for sale

Good news ! good news ! a modern ice cream kiosk is finished now , already is on the way to United stated . the customer will received it after one month ,I can’t wait to share it for your meet , let’s see more details at below . 


1.More introduce about this ice cream kiosk 


Material : the juice bar kiosk basic material is fire retardant plywood,  surface is fire proof plate and grey tile decoration , white man made stone worktop . stainless steel skiring on the kiosk bottom , tempered glass dispaly showcase with cover .


Layout : the front of this kiosk mainly for order and display ,  with a small cashier counter and ice cream display fridge , the left is a topping area with stainless steel container box and glass cover , the back sides with four wole stainless steel sink and wooden counter with cabinet ,  stainless steel skirting with white led light . 

ice cream kiosk ice cream kiosk



2.Some real production photos for your reference : 

ice cream kiosk ice cream kiosk



3.How can i customized a ice cream kiosk like this one ?  


If you plan start your mall food kiosk business , below is some necessary step . 

1.Talk with mall manager get the location and learn more request . confirmed whole kiosk orientation and service . some famous mall such as simon , westfield ,GGP is very strict . To the material of cabinet, detail has very high requirement  . such as mall request whole kiosk material must have Flame retardant certificate, The wires should be CE certified . must use tempered glass . It must be safe and healthy enough.

2. find a professional factory like us help  you design and build the kiosk .  just send us the mall guidelines to us , we can help you make whole kiosk fit the mall requirement . at first we can help you make a 3d design for get mall approval . and then will provide technical drawing start production it .  

3 . package and shipping this kiosk to your country ,  usually will shipping it by sea , but if you Eagerly receive kiosk , we also can help you arrange air transportation .it’s very safety , all of our package are wooden box .   

4.  assemble the kiosk .  when we production this kiosk , we will cut it to some reasonable part , mark 1,2,3,4,5…. You just put them together in order, connect the wires, and the whole kiosk will work . 


If you plan start your own food kiosk in mall ,First, position your project and identify the services you want to provide  you need  try find a good location in mall  .  Of course, most shopping malls have basic requirements for the construction of a cabinet . That’s why you have to find a professional design team to help you design and get approval from the mall . after get mall approved . you can start this project produce and start this business.  Thanks for your time and reading , if you want to know more further info or interested build a  food kiosk like this one , pls feel free to contact us as below , thank you  ! 


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