Upscale Frozen Yogurt Kiosk Modern Ice Cream Booth for Sale

yogurt booth design

Do you plan to open a frozen yogurt kisok in the shopping mall? The frozen yogurt kiosk becomes popular in hot summer. Because it has a sweet taste and cold feeling. Here is a nice frozen yogurt kisok fit for a shopping center. Let’s learn details together.

Description of frozen yogurt kiosk

This frozen yogurt kiosk mainly uses solid wood surface decoration with metal frame support. We mainly use gray and brown wooden to decorate the mall kiosk. The counter table has glass panel decoration, that prevents the machines to fall. And clients can also view your shop layout direclty.

yogurt booth design

Front counter

The front counter has a cashier register in the middle area, and there is a window in the front for easy delivery of items. On the counter body has a lightbox poster for adverting. Brand menu hand on the side top, allows people to see the products list immediately. Bubble tea kiosk design

yogurt kiosk

Side view

The left side has a dining table with wooden bar chairs, there is an acrylic box to place items. While another site has the equipment and a water sink for work.

Back side

The back side has an ice cream kiosk machine, mainly used to keep food fresh and cold. This is an open food kiosk in the shopping center. So poeple can view your business in different directions.

frozen yogurt kiosk


It has a big roof surrounding the frozen yogurt kiosk location. The neon logo attaches to the roof in 4 directions. The flooring light is set at the kicking to increase the brightness.