White Chocolate Kiosk Nutella Booth Design in the USA

chocolate showcase

Nutella can be spread on bread, biscuits and other foods like butter and peanut butter to add deliciousness, and can also be used as a filling for baked cakes. It’s a good idea to open a Nutella kiosk in the shopping mall. I am sure you will have a great business. Here is a white food kiosk sharing with you.

chocolate kiosk

Description of chocolate kiosk

As we can see in the design, it has a light logo on the kiosk body, clients can understand your business immediately. The size is 10ft by 10ft, fit for most locations in the mall. Glossy white is the main color of the food kiosk, expressing a pure theme for your shop. Material includes MDF, baking paint, tempered glass, stainless steel, and acrylic.

sweet food kiosk

Cabinet details

The front side has a large topping counter in the middle, while there is an individual on the right hand placing a crepe machine. Another machine is set on the left side of the food kiosk. Next to it is a large display showcase, it mainly use to restore products for sale.

chocolate booth

The cashier counter is between the working counter and the display showcase stand. It has posters on the counter body. Next to it is the entrance door. Besides, there is a glass display showcase on the wall, that looks like a bottle with glass shelving. You can use it as a sales window to show dishes to the cabinets. Water sink set at behind for wash and keep the working table clean.

chocolate cabinets

No matter when you need a sweet food kiosk, contact us now. We can design and produce a unique mall kiosk for you. Remember to reserve enough time for this project. Thank you