Wooden Coffee Kiosk Mall Display Counter for Sale

coffee cabinets

How do you like to open a coffee kiosk in the shopping mall? Coffee kiosks are popular among poeple, for businessmen, you can not provide coffee, but can also sell coffee beans to increase sales. Moreover, you can also display coffee cups in the glass window, so that poeple can also buy them along with coffee beans. Here is a wooden coffee kiosk sharing with you.

Description of a coffee kiosk

As we can see in the design, the coffee kiosk includes 4 parts for different functions. Let’s view each part together.

Front display shelving and counter

The front has a display shelving with light box painting on the left top, it places popular items to attract poeple. Behind it is a working counter with a coffee grinder and kettle. The counter body has a large light box for advertising.

wooden coffee counter

Bar counter with chairs

We can see the side counter has bar chairs used as a dining table, clients can sit down and drink coffee here. It looks like an L shape counter from the counter side with the brand logo and posters on the wall. Clients can attach their spirits to the wall.

coffee booth

Wall cabinets

The back side has multiple display shelving to place items. It can show more products for sale. The top has a brand logo in the middle display two side display has large posters in the middle. While the bottom of cabinets has locks for storage.

Reception desk in the middle

The reception desk is very important in the center, view, as to serve every poeple, enter the shop. It also looks like a cashier counter in a retail shop.

coffee kiosk

Materials show

Regarding the customized coffee kiosk, we choose suitable materials based on the food kiosk design. Materials include Plywood, lamination, metal frame, light box painting, acrylic, etc.