Wooden style bird cage chandelier large floor-to-ceiling Windows design a large area of bread and dessert shop

Oversized wooden cashier wall cabinet

Step inside this unique wood-furnished dessert bakery. As if stepping into a wonderful world full of warmth and artistic atmosphere. Upon entering the store, the first thing that catches the eye is the spectacular entire cabinet behind the cash register. The cabinet is made of fine wood. Exudes the natural wood fragrance, the texture is delicate and smooth.  The cabinet is neatly line with decorations and puppets. They complement each other with the wooden cabinet, like a piece of treasured treasure. The cash register counter is partly made of wood. The other is made of transparent refrigeration equipment. Each dessert in the freezer is like a beautiful work of art. Some are unique in shape, some are colorful and exude an attractive aroma that people can’t wait to taste. The bread is warm from the oven, with its full shape and golden color. All show the mastery of baking.

Black stainless steel cage chandelier

And overhead, a black stainless steel cage-shaped chandelier emits a unique glow. These chandeliers are like delicate bird cages. The black stainless steel material shimmers with a mysterious luster under the light. They hang in a scattered manner, embellishing the entire space with a more hierarchical and artistic sense. The light shines through the cracks of the cage, creating dappled light and shadow on the floor and walls, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. These chandeliers seem to have been specially customize for this wooden space and blend perfectly with the surrounding environment, adding a different level of sophistication and elegance.Clink here learn baking store.

More details introduction

The window position of the shop is a charming little world. The large floor-to-ceiling Windows let in plenty of sunlight without reservation, bringing brightness and warmth to the whole space. Sitting by the window, you can enjoy the delicious dessert and bread while enjoying the view out of the window. The seats here are comfortable and pleasant, allowing people to relax and immerse in this moment of peace and beauty. Another attraction of the dessert shop is the dining table in front of the cash register. They are neatly place in the most prominent places. Customers will see this area as soon as they enter the store. Every element of this wood-furnished dessert bakery Together to create a unique and charming atmosphere. Wooden cabinets, black chandeliers, window views and plenty of dining tables are more than just decor, they are part of the soul of the shop.

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