Saudi Arabia popular wooden coffee shop counter design 


Saudi Arabia popular wooden coffee shop counter design 


Introduce for coffee : 

What is coffee? Simply put, it’s a common drink, one of the three biggest drinks in the world. Global trade is second only to oil and beverages are more popular in the world than tea. Coffee is by no means just an instant, monotonous drink, or a coffee flavored with lots of milk, sugar, ice, etc. Coffee is something that can be tasted and felt slowly, as rich as Chinese tea.

As we know that coffee’s first great power is to refresh the brain , Secondly, the coffee shop environment is suitable for dating and talking about things . It is the first place for most couples, friends and workers. so, Start a coffee shop in shopping mall is a good choise . 

Today i wanna show a Saudi Arabia popular coffee shop for your meet . 

As you see this coffee shop mainly tone is brown wood grain . can for selling coffee , juice and cake . whole shop have two area, one work area , anothere is seating area . total is about 50sqm .


For the counter is about 4m by 3m , basic material is E1 plywood, surface is  plywood and solid wood decoration finished . a simple roof with acrylic logo letter.  back sides wall can put some light box and poster for showing menu and product images .


The seating area is very Comfortable and private, Designed with two seats and four seats . It can accommodate 20 customers at the same time . each table with a small screen separation . still choise brown wood grain for match the counter . 

coffee shop coffee shop  coffee shop coffee shop


How to build a coffee shop like this one ? 

Step 1 .Contact us and share all of your ideas to us , such as your space size , your like color, your logo etc . 

Step 2.  Make 3d design and put all of your ideas on it . 

Step 3. Submit the design for get mall approval , if the mall have any requirement , we can help you modify it . 

Step 4 . After confirmed the design , we can start work on the kiosk drawings and production it . usually build a bubble tea kiosk like this about need  20-22 work days  . 

Step 5. Install and take finished photo for your check . 

Step 6 . Package and shipment it to your port . if you need also can direct send it to your address .


Thanks for your time and reading , if you need more further info about this coffee shop . pls feel free to contact us , thank you !  


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