Shawarma is one of the most popular snacks in the world. It is greatly welcomed by people, especially in some Asian countries, African countries, and Middle Eastern countries. People love it because of its yummy taste and attractive look. They can put it inside crepes and pancakes to make some fast food and snacks. If you’re still thinking of opening a food business, you can try selling shawarma, Its competition is much smaller than coffee, juice, and some normal foods. Instead of opening a Shawarma kiosk in a mall, you can choose to open an outdoor Shawarma first. Outdoor shawarma kiosks will use weather-proof materials such as aluminum composite panels, steel, or fiberglass. For inside work counters, the countertop can usually be made of stone or stainless steel.

Equipment needs in a shawarma restaurant

To start a shawarma business, you need to order all the equipment needed. Well, what machines are needed in an outdoor Shawama kiosk? Here I list some of the normal equipment used to make shawarma.

  • Shawarma Grill

Shawarma grills are the main machine used to make shawarma. You’d better choose an electric shawarma grill.

  • Electric griddle
  • Freezer – for frozen meat and some products
  • Set of meat pickers
  • Meat scraper tool
  • Water sink, pump, tanks
  • Ventilation and cooling fan
  • POS equipment
  • Display refrigerate for drinks/snacks you sell

These pieces of equipment can be a reference; you can choose the machines based on your needs and real situation. MyFoodKiosk can help you build your shawarma kiosk, and at the same time, we also supply the equipment.

How to open a street shawarma stall?

If you also want to start an outdoor food business, you can try selling shawarma. It is very suitable for people who are just starting out and only need a little cost. Well, how do you open an outdoor shawarma kiosk? What preparations do you need to do?

  • Market and competitor analysis

Firstly, you need to check the consumer groups and their consumption preferences.

Second,location choose. This location needs to have a lot of people pass by and have convenient transportation.

Third, you need to know your competitors. When you open a shawarma kiosk, you need to check if there are kiosks or food trailers selling shawarma too. This is very important.

  • Choose a good location

A good location will help your business a lot. It can help your sales.

These locations can be good choices:

  • 1) Busy intersection

There is a lot of traffic at the intersection, and people will stop while waiting for the traffic lights. If there is a food booth selling gourmet food at this time, they will be willing to buy it.

  • 2) Near school

The students are a huge consumer group. Sell some snacks at the school gate; fast food will be very popular.

  • 3) Close to large shopping malls

The shopping mall has a very large flow of people and high spending power. Opening a shawarma shop in a large shopping mall is a good option.

  • Obtain appropriate approvals and certificates

Before starting a food business, you must first obtain the appropriate certificates and licenses. You need a health permit, city approval, and a fire department permit.

  • Financial Planning

Before opening a shawarma kiosk, take all costs into account and have sufficient funds ready. You need to consider these costs:

  • 1) The cost of purchasing a shawarma stall
  • 2) Employee’s salary
  • 3) Purchase the required equipment
  • 4) Purchase products and raw materials
  • 5) Advertising expenses
  • 6) Utility bills


  • Develop marketing plans and plans

Even for a small business, some marketing is necessary. If you want to attract people passing by and stand out, you need to focus on the marketing and planning of your product. You can put some funny slogans and tempting food promotion posters outside your kiosk. A prominent logo is also very important. In addition, you can do some promotions and price concessions to attract customers. You can also use social media for marketing, which can also bring you a lot of customers.


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