Now many people will choose to open an outdoor food trailer outdoors to start their business. If you’re just starting out, short on funds and afraid to take some risks, you might choose to start by driving a small food trailer. Smaller food trailers cost a lot less than larger food trailers. Not only are rents much lower, but purchases are much lower. You can save a lot of budget in the long run. And because of the small size, you pay less for insurance and mechanical. The risk of opening a small food trailer is also much lower. The surface of these small food trailers can be made in different colors and patterns, and the size can be customized. They can be used to sell different food items, coffee, hot dogs, pizza, milk tea, cakes, snacks, fast food, etc.

Custom small trailer

food trailer

The street food trailer’s size, colors, outside look, inside layout all can customize. We can also put your logo and menus on the trailer surface for you see effect. The length can change from 2m to 4m, width can do from 1.6m to 2.5m. Their pods are lightweight and weigh less than 750KGS. So you can use a truck to move it freely.

The custom small trailer include a whole size furniture and equipment. It include sinks, stainless steel work counters, metal floor, top lights. The outside will have logos, menus, light boxes. If you need some equipment, we can also supply.

Our small concession trailer options

  • Basic Roundtop Small Food Trailers

Roundtop food trailers are the most common type of food trailer. Their tops are generally round. This food trailer line is curved and looks very nice. Regular round tops are a good low-cost option. Our trailer uses a stainless steel reinforced frame with high quality food grade stainless steel inside that you can use for a long time.

  • small concession trailers

You will also see a lot of square food trailers on the street. They look more like a box. We can make square trailers in a variety of colors, any size and custom specifications.

Myfoodkiosk can customize the small food trailer as your needs and budget. Welcome to call us to get your own street food trailer! You can use this trailer make your dream come true!