Snow Cone Trailer

Are you looking for an attractive snow cone trailer to start a business? The snow cone trailer is very popular among entrepreneurs because of its novel style, convenient use, and quick business start. A mobile food trailer does not require expensive rental and operating costs and is a very popular mobile store. Especially for entrepreneurs, the snow cone trailer combines the needs of the market, which not only makes it easier to start a business but also contributes to the environmental sanitation of society. The snow cone truck supports the installation of various machines to facilitate your start-up, such as ice cream machines, beverage machines, refrigerators, etc. So that the owner can add milk tea equipment, coffee machines, sealing machines, fryers, and other equipment to increase the business scope. Besides, it’s necessary to put all the machines in a reasonable position. That is convenient for work. No matter when you’re ready to start your business, opting for a snowball trailer is a good idea. Browse more snow cone trailer designs on our website.

Advantages of the mobile snowball stand:

  • The mobile snowball stand’s advertising effect is good and easy to attract attention. Besides, it is great to highlight your shop’s theme.
  • The business premises are flexible and changeable, with strong optionality. The location you choose can change at any time with the flow of passengers. And you can drive wherever the business is good.
  • A mobile food trailer has no rent cost, a small initial investment, and low operating risk. You need less start-up capital and can pay it back quickly. A mobile snowball stand requires low site costs and a small footprint. That can save you high transfer fees, rental fees, decoration fees, and other costs.
  • Energy-saving, environmentally friendly, durable, easy to clean, and convenient to start a business.
  • Diversified business model, no off-peak season operation because your food business can change with the market, season, and other factors.Snow cone trailers can use electric power, gasoline power, or dual power. It increases the driving convenience of food trailers.

Location of food truck

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Mobile vending trucks can be used in multiple places, including leisure squares, pedestrian streets, stations, docks, and campuses. You can also drive it to celebration events, stadiums, tourist attractions, and other places to meet more clients. The snow cone trailer embodies the value of its publicity, distribution, on-site sales, promotional activities, etc. It is suitable for disseminating the corporate image and increasing turnover.

Food concession trailer material

Both sides of the snow cone trailer are made of double-layer glass fiber-reinforced plastic. Which has the characteristics of high strength, lightweight, anti-corrosion, temperature insulation, and fire resistance. The back plate material is a double-layer colored steel plate with a thermal insulation layer in the middle. And there is an endurance plate at the front to pass goods to the consumer. The interior side panels use household decorative panels and aluminum strips.

Food trailer counter configuration:

1. Front stainless steel kitchen cabinet;

2. Stainless steel rear locker;

3. Stainless steel shelf

Mobile food trailer introduction:

1. Snow cone trailer compartment

The food trailer unfolds on three sides. It has clamshell shelves on both sides that can be unfolded to deliver products to customers.

2. Power supply

The snow cone truck has a battery to power the lights. The installation of generators and inverters can supply power to the equipment. Besides, we can also reserve the wired interface to connect to the local power supply.

3. Configuration

The configuration of the mobile food truck includes a battery, speakers, lockers, lighting, anti-corrosion, anti-skid high-quality floor leather, etc. Therefore, you can choose an awning, generator, air conditioner, kitchen equipment, etc.

About My Food Kiosk

According to market demand, our company researches and develops a new generation of mobile snow cone trailers. Mobile ice cream trailers can be divided into ice cream trucks, milk tea trucks, cold drink trucks, vending trucks, snack trucks, mobile fast food trucks, etc. My Food Kiosk beautiful products and diversified functions that can be customized according to your specific requirements. So you can buy all kinds of food concession trailers from our company, including mobile food restaurants, outdoor kiosks, mobile food carts, stainless steel carts, push carts, display stands, etc. No matter what kind of food trailer you want, we can customize it for you. Contact us now and get your mobile snow cone trailer!