When you go on street you can see many street kiosks. They can used to do different kinds of business, they can used to sell food and beverages, can used sell some retail products, also can used as food concession stands to sell some daily necessities. Street kiosk becomes more and more popular, greatly welcomed by people. They have many advantages, they as usually will use durable steel and weather-proof materials to make, so they are water-proof and sun-proof. Because they opened on street, so no need pay high rent, no need decoration the shop. And there have many people pass by everyday. You just need to buy a street kiosk and some equipment then can start your own business.

Street food kiosk design

Street food kiosk as usually include the following items:

  1. Food kiosk structure
  2. Outside will include: Logos, menus, advertising light boxes
  3. Inside will include: lights, electricity, sockets, work counters and storage area, sinks, floor
  4. Doors: the entrance door as usually is swing door. The sale window can be shutter door or sliding windows

Myfoodkiosk is a leading company in making customized street kiosks. On our web you will find outdoor food kiosks, outdoor retail kiosks and trailers. we do customize, so can design the outside and inside as your needs. You just need to tell us your size, machines, colors you want, your logo etc. We will show them in design for you to see effect.

Street kiosk types

If you are new started and have no enough budget, you can choose to open a street food kiosk. Because it no need high rent, need decoration fee.

Street is a good place to start your business. You no need to worry there have no customers. You can open a street retail kiosk to sell some small products, some as books, magazines, flowers, accessories, souvenirs and more. You will find your business is much easier than you open a kiosk in mall.

  • Street food trailer

Trailers provide a premium option for changing places. If you prefer mobile concept, you can choose a street food trailer. Then you can use a truck to move it to different street.

A mobile food cart is the smallest option for investing. If you afraid the risk ,don’t want to spend a lot cost, you can push a cart on street to sell some food and products.

So when you open your business, you can choose the one which suitable for you as your needs.

Street food stall materials

What are the materials that are often used in Street food stalls?

  • Stainless steel

street kiosk Stainless steel is very durable and doesn’t rust. They always used to make outdoor food stalls. But its cost is high, so as usually won’t use for whole body.

  • Steel with paint

If you want do nice colors, choose steel with paint is a good choice. The main structure and legs, roof as usually must use steel to make.

  • Aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel is a new decoration materials. They couldn’t used for basic material, they as usually used for street food booth surface finish. They comes with many colors and styles.

  • Solid wood

Solid wood is also very durable and can create a natural feeling.

How to increase your sales?

  • prominent logo is important

No matter you sell food, drinks or retail products. You need to make sure your logo brand is prominent. It need be clear and bright, easy to catch people’s eye.

  • Take care of your menu list

The menu plays an very important role. In your menu you need to show some new arrival products, show the discount and promotions.

  • Surface posters and light boxes

When people pass by, if your food poster looks very amazing and yummy, people will be attracted by them and go toward to your kiosk. For example, if you sell ice cream, your poster show yummy ice creams, people will be attracted easily.

About Myfoodkiosk

Before you start an outdoor business, you need to find a professional manufacturer to help you design and customize this Street kiosk. Myfoodkiosk was established at 2008, we have 13 years experience in making customized outdoor kiosks. Whether you have enough money or a tight budget, Whether you want a unique style or simple style, we all can help you get what you want. Our street kiosks are exported to different countries, already helped many customers started their business. We can also supply you related equipment and supporting facilities, after you received the kiosk, no need any assemble. It will makes your business very easy to start. Browse our web you will find many different kinds street food kiosks and out retail kiosks. If you also want to start your own business and have no ideas, just feel free to contact us.