Sushi Kiosk

A sushi kiosk is a popular food restaurant style in the shopping center and food court. The decoration style of the Sushi bar is usually gray, black, or with solid wood accents, which looks very serious. My food kiosk is specialized in designing and making mall food kiosks, no matter what kind of sushi shop cabinets you need, you can find them on our website. The sushi daily kiosk includes a checkout counter, stainless steel worktop, sink, sushi display case, storage area, brand name, lighting decoration, and more. It is a complete package that, once received, the merchant can install and start a business directly. Besides, the sushi restaurant shop has to fit the location. For example, if your location is in the aisle of a mall, then consider opting for a fully open sushi booth so people passing by can see your business. If your location is near a column or has a back wall, then we can also integrate them into the sushi shop design. No matter when you need a sushi kiosk, you can choose a design below

Sushi kiosk material

The main material of mall food kiosks mainly uses plywood with a lamination surface. We can also use stainless steel to build the food booth body. Other popular materials include tile, solid wood, and green grass. The tempered glass uses as a sneeze guard stand on the countertop, or use to build a display showcase to place sushi for sale. Both acrylic logos and stainless steel logos are popular among people, pls choose one that highlights your business well.

The layout of the sushi shop design

Every sushi kiosk has a unique layout that makes the owner provide service well. The layout is also a symbol of a brand that is convenient to work with and makes people remember you well. A suitable layout can also help you make full use of the space. For example. We can add a dining bar counter at the back side so that clients can sit down and enjoy sushi and food. Water sink at the side, which is convenient for cleaning and won’t occupy the display showcase area.

Equipment in a sushi daily shop

The equipment selected by Sushi daily kiosk needs to be decided according to your ingredients. For the limited store size of the mall, you need to choose a suitable location to place the equipment, which is convenient to use and can improve work efficiency.

1. Large rice cooker

You need to prepare a rice cooker for cooking sushi rice. Buy a better one. A better rice cooker will cook more fragrantly and more thoroughly, and it will not be too raw. You can prepare a rice cooker between 10-30 liters according to the size of the store.

2. Insulation barrel

When the sushi rice is cooked, it needs to be taken out to keep warm, because the cold cannot be spread, it is better to keep it at about 40 degrees, the sushi rice at this temperature is easier to make, and the humidity of the sushi rice will be maintained. Therefore, you need to prepare a thermal insulation bucket to hold the thermal insulation sushi rice.

3. Special cutting board

You need to prepare a special cutting board for sushi, the size of 54*35*3 is more suitable, and the white PPE material is more suitable for dining. Of course, you can also choose a cutting board that you are comfortable with.

4. Operating table

The operating table is very important for the sushi restaurant shop, you can customize a 304 steel operating table, which is convenient and quick to use. You can even choose 3 3 compartment sinks for washing, and you can use them in different moods.

5. Refrigerator

The refrigerator is very important for the sushi bar shop, because it can help preserve some seafood and aquatic products, and can keep other ingredients fresh. This requires preparing a refrigerator to play a huge role. Frozen yogurt kiosk design

6. Fryer

If your menu calls for fried hibiscus shrimp, bacon, hot dogs, etc., then you need to prepare a small fryer. If you don’t serve fried food, you don’t need to consider it.

Sushi Kiosk in My Food Kiosk

My food kiosk is good at designing and producing sushi kiosks, sushi restaurant shops, and even mobile sushi carts. We have helped thousands of people start their food shops. No matter whether you are new in the food industry or expanding the business, you can get perfect fast food shop design here. We have an excellent design team and sales team to provide warm service to you. Contact us now and get more ideas about sushi stall design.