Waffle kiosk in the mall

Do you like to open a waffle kiosk in the shopping mall? Waffle is one of very popular food because of its unique texture. Both adults and children like waffles, opening a waffle shop in a high-traffic mall is a profitable idea. People visiting the mall will be your potential customers, so you can rent a spot in a prominent location so people can quickly discover your business. The waffle decoration style is not fixed, you can choose a brown color to create a high-end effect, or choose bright colors to attract attention. Materials such as tile, grass, bright baking paint, wood grain, stone, and metal are all good to build a waffle booth, you can also combine materials and colors to high level your food shop theme. No matter what style of waffle stall you prefer, you can find them on the My Food kiosk website. Purchase bubble waffle kiosk here now!

Waffle kiosk made by My Food Kiosk is highly acceptable in high-end shopping malls, such as GGP, Simon, Westfield Mall, etc. Because it has a beautiful design and good structures. Whatever waffle stall sizes you want, you can find a unique dessert kiosk style here.

Customize waffle kiosk design

A customized waffle booth has to obey the mall rules and fit the business theme. So talk to the mall manager first, then tell the designer about your thoughts. Remember to make a machine list with dimensions, because the designer will add them to your kiosk design.

waffle kioskWaffle kiosk layout

The layout is very important for a mall food kiosk because of limited location sizes. Therefore, we have to come up with a suitable counter layout. Arrange the display showcase area, working counter storage cabinet, and machine location properly, I am sure it will help you improve work efficiency.

Color information

Color is the second important element of waffle shop decoration. It can highlight a light food restaurant theme and also be a symbol of your brand theme. So think twice to determine the right color decoration. If you have no idea of which color to go with, it is a good choice to use colors that complement the brand logo. Our designers will also help you choose a suitable color.

Material details

Plywood with lamination

Plywood is one of the basic materials. It usually builds the body of the waffle stall. It has the characteristics of being moisture-proof and is not easy to deform, and the surface material includes veneer, lamination, solid wood, etc. The surface is flat and smooth, which can convey your brand concept to customers well

MDF with glossy baking paint

If you trend to a brilliant glossy waffle kiosk effect, use MDF to make the kiosk body. Then do baking paint treatment. The surface is sanded and polished several times to achieve the goal, you can also choose a matte glossy effect to create a high-end atmosphere.

Stone countertop

The Stone countertop is mainly used to protect the waffle kiosk in the mall. Because there is a waffle machine on the countertop, businesses need to prepare food on the workbench. Stone countertop is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, waterproof, and meets the requirements of food safety authorities. You can choose artificial stone, quartz stone, etc.

Stainless steel kicking

Except for support, stainless steel kicking protects the crepe kiosk. We usually reserve a 100mm kicking area at the bottom, so it can prevent guests from accidentally kicking the food booth and prolong its service life.

Roof with LED light

Unlike outdoor kiosks, the roof on the mall crepe kiosk is a decoration. We can add the brand logo to the roof, and the poster and menu can also hang on the roof. There is LED light on the roof. The energy-saving lamps used in the bulbs cannot improve the brightness of the kiosk, and can also be used as decoration.

Waffle Kiosk in My Food Kiosk

Our company is specialized in customizing waffle kiosks. Our company has more than 20 years of experience in fast food kiosk customization. Our company’s waffle stalls are purely handmade, and the workers pay attention to the production process and details of the waffle booth, aiming to provide customers with high-quality products. Quality food kiosk. No matter when you start your business, we’re able to get the perfect waffle cabinet in My Food Kiosk.