What does it cost to invest in a fashion cake bakery

Investing in a trendy cake bakery requires several aspects of cost to consider. The first is the rent and renovation costs of the shop, which are the larger expenses. The second is the cost of equipment procurement, including baking equipment, cold storage equipment, etc. There are raw material procurement costs, staff salaries and marketing and other expenses can not be ignored.

First, start-up costs

1. Store rental and decoration

① Shop rental: The rental cost of a cake shop is undoubtedly the primary expense when opening a shop. It is affected by many factors, and geographical location is one of the key factors. Shops located in bustling commercial centers or high-traffic areas tend to have relatively high rents. Size also plays an important role, with larger size meaning a higher rental burden. At the same time, the city level should not be underestimated, there is a significant gap between the rent level of first-tier cities and third-tier cities. In different areas of different levels of the city, rents will show large fluctuations. In addition, the surrounding supporting facilities, transportation convenience, etc., will also affect the level of rent to a certain extent. These require investors to carefully weigh and consider when choosing a site.

② Shop decoration: The decoration style and grade of the shop are crucial for customers. It directly influences the customer’s first impression. A unique and high-quality decoration style can quickly attract the attention of customers and arouse their interest. The renovation cost is mainly determined by many aspects, and the store area is one of them. A larger area will naturally require more funds to be invested in decoration. The choice of decoration materials is also extremely critical, and high-quality materials often cost more. Moreover, design complexity also has an impact on cost. Complex and delicate design requires more manpower and material resources to achieve. In addition, the requirements of the construction process will also be related to the cost of decoration. These factors together determine the cost of decoration.

2. Equipment purchase

The main equipment of cake bakery is oven, egg beater, mixer, fermentation box, freezer and so on. They play an important role in the baking process. The price of these devices will vary due to factors such as brand awareness, model differences, and the strength of functions. Careful comparison and choice are required.

3. Procurement of raw materials

The main raw materials of cake bakeries include flour, sugar, fat, eggs, milk and so on. In these raw materials, there are significant differences in quality, and their prices vary greatly. For example, high-quality flour and ordinary flour, there are obvious differences in taste and quality. The corresponding price will also fluctuate greatly.

4. Personnel recruitment and training

Fashion Cake Bakery to provide quality products and services. Professional bakers, bakers and waiters are needed. The recruitment cost includes the input cost of the recruitment advertisement and the various expenses incurred in the interview process. In terms of training cost, pre-job training of employees is essential to make them adapt to work quickly. There are also skills upgrading training to enhance staff professionalism. These hiring and training costs are spent to build a better team. Ensure the good operation and development of the store.

5. Advertising and opening activities

When the new store opened, in order to effectively attract customers. A comprehensive advertising campaign and a well-planned opening event are required. In terms of advertising, the cost covers the investment in the promotion of online platforms. And the distribution expenses of offline leaflets. The cost of opening activities is reflecte in the intensity of discounts and the preparation of giveaways. Through the comprehensive application of these means, the visibility and attractiveness of the store can be improved to the greatest extent. Thus in the early opening of the rapid accumulation of popularity, open the market situation.

6. Other expenses

Other costs include many things. Among them, the processing of business licenses, tax registration, health permits and other types of licenses will incur corresponding costs. In addition, utilities, network fees and other daily operating costs can not be ignored, they are the necessary expenses for the continuous and stable operation of the store, throughout the operation.

2. Operating costs

1. Personnel salary

A trendy cake bakery employs a baker, bakers and waiters. Estimates based on local salary levels and store size. Personnel salary is an important part of store operating cost.

2. Procurement of raw materials

The daily operation of the store requires continuous procurement of raw materials to ensure the quality and taste of the products. Therefore, raw material procurement costs are an important part of operating costs.

3. Utilities and Internet charges

The operation of the bread store requires the consumption of water, electricity and network resources, although these expenses are relatively small, but also need to be considere in the operating cost.

4. Equipment maintenance and maintenance

The equipment of the store needs regular maintenance and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend the service life. Equipment maintenance and maintenance costs are also part of the operating costs.

5. Rent

While rent has been calculated in start-up costs, monthly rent payments are also required in day-to-day operations.

To sum up, investing in a fashion cake bakery needs to take into account the cost of store rental and decoration, equipment purchase, raw material procurement, personnel recruitment and training, advertising and opening activities and other aspects. At the same time, in the operation process also need to consider personnel wages, raw material procurement, utilities and network costs, equipment maintenance and maintenance and other operating costs. Detailed analysis of these costs and reasonable budgeting are the key to ensure the smooth opening and continuous operation of the store.

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