What equipment are necessary for a catering food trailer?

  • The essentials for a food trailer
  • The layout of your catering food trailer
  • Basic materials for your catering food trailer
  • The essential accessories for food preservation

The food trailer is a new mobile restaurant concept. And Those concession trailers are an activity that is experiencing considerable growth. Indeed, this consists of having a kitchen installed in a trailer equipped with food trailer equipment. For example, if you want to open a catering food trailer, you must equip your trailer with food trailer catering equipment. But what would be the equipment needed for an outdoor catering kiosk service?

food trailers at low price
Ice cream trailers from MyFD

The essentials for a food trailer

You will equip your food trailer according to what you will do as an activity. You can opt for a catering food trailer, a pizza food trailer, or other, but always according to your specialty. But above all, remember to have various kitchen utensils. In addition to choosing your food trailer vehicle and cooking equipment, you must have a minimum of tools in your food trailer. 

  • The choice of the food trailer vehicle

You have several options available to you. Indeed, you can buy new or used vehicles. But also, you can turn to rent a food trailer catering. For its design, you can do as you want. However, to answer a marketing question, you still have to work on the external appearance of your food trailer: the color and shape so that customers can easily order from your food trailer.

The cooking equipment may vary depending on your activity, but the essentials remain the gas oven and the hob. Everything can be linked to an electrical installation if a source is nearby. In most cases, cooking appliances in food trailer vehicles often run on gas. But for ice cream trailers and snowcone kiosks, the equipment is quite different.

  • The layout of your cafe food trailer

The food trailer vehicle is not accessible getting it in the past. There are already ready-made catering food trailers, but more often than not, you adapt them according to your needs. You can consult a particular catalog or a guide on the Internet, and you can call on a professional food trailer manufacturer. However, you should know that calling in a professional is quite an expensive action. Getting professional help comes at a price. And to avoid exceeding the provisional budget you have set for yourself, and it would be prudent to do it yourself. So, to minimize your expenses in purchasing these devices, it would be best to get them one by one. 

Basic materials for your catering food trailer

When you design your mobile catering project, know that the choice of equipment for your catering food trailer is critical. Customers can judge you by the quality of your food trailer materials. It’s quite a list because nothing should be forgotten. Here is a list of food trailer catering equipment to have:

  • Workplan: As in any food trailer restaurant, having a good work plan helps your business flourish. You are more open to creating and producing your menus and dishes. It is the centerpiece on the kitchen counter. Do not forget the installation of adequate sanitary space. 
  • Tidying up: At MyFoodKiosk, you will also find a storage system such as the various refrigerated cabinets, which are also very practical in terms of storage, especially for keeping food products cool. It is not necessarily a large shelf because you also have to consider the relatively limited place of the catering food trailer. You must optimize your space in a food trailer vehicle as much as possible.

The essential accessories for food preservation

 To become a caterer worthy of the name, you must have suitable devices, especially for the preservation system. Generally Speaking, the best way to preserve food remains using fast food kiosk equipment. One of the specialists in this cold equipment remains MyFoodKiosk, visible on the Internet, and it offers several types of devices with the best prices:

  • · Refrigerated freezer, the price of which is around 700 euros; 
  • · Wine distributor with an approximate price of 800 euros;
  • · The wine cellar with a price of 150 euros;
  • · Refrigerated showcase from 750 euros;
  • · Glass fridge from 200 euros.

You should know now that refrigerated tables are essential for preserving food products

This appliance offers a storage system for already prepared or cooked food. Indeed, you can have a refrigerated table with 2 or 3 doors depending on your needs at IceShop. If you have any doubts about the choice of appliances for your food trailer, do not hesitate to call on a professional at MyFoodKiosk. He will be able to advise you directly on everything related to the food preservation device:

· the right equipment for your food trailer;

· The trendiest brand for a high-performance food trailer.

Another fact,most of  the trailers and kiosk are made entirely of stainless steel, and this material makes preserving food in large quantities much more manageable and is ideal for a catering food trailer.

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