What is an Outdoor Kiosk? Advantages & Features Outdoor Kiosk Business.

outdoor food stand

The outdoor kiosk is a standard commercial cabin and a small mobile stand, which can be processed into different styles according to the needs. The milk tea kiosks, juice bar kiosks, coffee booths, ice cream kiosks, newspaper kiosks, lottery kiosks, and volunteer service kiosks are typical outdoor booths on commercial streets. These outdoor kiosks are very popular in public places nowadays.

In most tourist attractions now, there will be many merchants and vendors. There will be various shops and stalls and beautiful kiosks. Since the booth differs from the general store, the kiosk has gradually become an indispensable and essential landscape in many places. Many parks and outdoor shopping malls are even more different because of facilities such as trailers and vans.

outdoor food stand

The Outsite Composition

No matter what kind of outdoor kiosk is, the structure and production process must follow the basic requirements. The following are the sequential parameters of an outdoor booth.

  1. Keel frame: The inner frame of the pavilion shed is made of 50*50mm square steel welded to form the dragon skeleton, and the whole structure is treated with anti-rust treatment.
  2. External sealing board: The external sealing board of the kiosk is made of a high-quality galvanized sheet for bending and welding. The exterior is sanded and sprayed with high-grade environmental protection green car paint. Corrosion, with sufficient strength;
  3. Edge wrapping and beading: The exterior shape of the pavilion shed is made of high-quality stainless steel plate to bend and form the wrapping beading, which is welded with high-strength sealant around the condition, and the overall appearance is beautiful, waterproof and corrosion-resistant;
  4. Front rolling shutter door: There is a rolling shutter door on the front of the pavilion shed and an exceptional sales office desk (including cashier drawers). The other three sides are prebuild structures, with light advertising boxes outside. And The overall design is beautiful and generous;

The Interior Composition 

The Internal of the kiosk is very important for food and retail business. When decorating a interior finish, we need to focus on the following points:

  1. Electrical switches: The electrical equipment in the pavilion is designed in strict accordance with the GB5226.1-2008 standard. The electrical box has a watt-hour meter and an air switch.  It also has five-hole sockets, fluorescent lamp panels, and controls; cover all circuits in the kiosk. The tube can hide in the interlayer, so the design is safe and reasonable, and the maintenance is convenient;
  2. Internal sealing plate decoration: The interior of the street kiosk shed is made of beige-coloured steel plates pasted with fire-retardant and flame-retardant boards. Those panels are closely connected with the internal square steel keel, which can make the pavilion feel clean and generous; the parking shed wall has five layers from the inside to the outside.
  3. Air-conditioning location: The pavilion shed has air-conditioning installation locations, sockets, and indoor air-conditioning unit drain holes. This design is user-friendly,
  4. Floor: The pavilion shed floor is made of high-quality square steel dragon skeleton, and the template is pasted with a 2.0mm thick non-slip aluminium plate, which is firm and corrosion-resistant.
  5. The Using Environment: Best use in weak acid and alkali environments. And The use temperature is 0℃-80℃ with a humidity of 10%-90%.

outdoor ice cream kiosk

Advantages of Mobile Outdoor Kiosks

Mobile kiosks and food trailers are everywhere in today’s modern cities, whether in bustling streets, at the side of stations, or at the shopping mall entrance. You will always find a mobile kiosk business. Because of its low cost, diversified usage, and people’s buying and selling mentality, mobile kiosks still have a lot of space for development today.

Compared with fixed sales stations and shops, They have higher rent costs, are not easy to renovate, and have higher construction costs. They are suitable for branded and high-end consumer goods and can give people a sense of solidity and class. The sales method most related to mobile kiosks is the fixed point of sale. 

From our daily summary observations, we can see that mobile kiosks often sell simple and inexpensive items. For example, tobacco, alcohol, beverages, etc… In recent years, many popular foods such as duck neck snacks and milk tea shops have mobile kiosk types.

There is also a particular form: pedestrian street, which is a way of selling mobile kiosks that integrates various industries in one lane. Therefore, You must choose the right business location to use mobile kiosks to make profits.

outdoor retail kiosk

Features of Outdoor retail kiosks

Sales kiosks are standard sales pavilions in tourist attractions, commercial streets and streets. In addition to rigorous consideration of a functional application, the style of sales and outdoor retail kiosks should also echo the general environment and have a bright spot. Here, let us take a look at the advantages of its products.

  • The kiosk is relatively sturdy. If we sell goods outside, we need a place that can shelter from the wind and rain, and this kiosk can shelter us from the wind and rain, and we also saw this small shelter from the wind and rain. The pavilion must be of good quality to keep the safety of our goods and people, so don’t underestimate this pavilion.
  • The appearance design of the kiosk is relatively simple, but it is rich in this personality. Although we see that the appearance design of this kiosk is relatively simple, its appearance is more attractive. Its unique design can let us see at a glance that it is on sale. Items, so do not underestimate the appearance of this product. It is more important to us. 

Scenic Outdoor Booth

As the name suggests, the scenic outdoor kiosk in the scenic spot is a small kiosk that provides snacks and items in parks and scenic places. So, the kiosk style and size are more flexible and changeable. To select the best materials and to advocate greening and environmental protection, The kiosks generally prefer anti-corrosion wood for body structure. Meanwhile, the wood also echoes the scenic spots and the kiosk itself.

The kiosks in the tourist attractions are beautiful scenery, bring more benefits to the scenic spots and allow the traditional culture of various places. The development of each scenic area represents some local conventional culture. Breath, there are many kiosks in tourist attractions, not selling snacks but selling many commemorative decorations so that more people can learn about some local cultural characteristics.

outdoor coffee kiosk design
Coffee kiosk Design

Outdoor Kiosk Maintenance:

The usual maintenance and maintenance of the kiosk are also very critical.

  • 1. Usually, clean once a day. Use a soft cloth to gently sweep away the dust on the walls and the dust on the tables and chairs to keep them clean;
  • 2. Use a clean, wrung-out mop to drag the edge of the wall;
  • 3. Do not use acidic solvents to clean the surface;
  • 4. Don’t hang sharp objects on the guard booth and let them bump and scratch;
  • 5. Grease, oil and lubricating oil polluttion, wipe it off with a soft cloth, and then wash it with neutral detergent or detergent;
  • 6. If acid adheres, immediately rinse with water, then immerse with ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda water solution, and then wash with tepid or warm water;
  • 7. Wash the dust and dirt on the surface with a weak soap and warm water;
  • 8. Wash The film on the kiosk with warm water and weak detergent. Use alcohol or scrubbing for adhesive components;
  • 9. We can wash the rust caused by dirt on the stainless steel surface with abrasive detergents or with detergents;
  • 10. The rainbow pattern on the stainless steel surface: wash it  with warm water.

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