What should be noted when customizing food display cabinets

When customizing food display cabinets, to ensure that they meet both commercial needs. In line with food safety and hygiene standards, we need to pay attention to the following aspects of matters. These points are described below, hoping to help you who is preparing to customize the food display cabinet.

1. food safety and hygiene

1. Material selection: The material of the food display cabinet is directly related to the safety and hygiene of the food. Common materials include glass, stainless steel, acrylic, aluminum alloy and so on. Among them, the glass material is often used in the cabinet door or partition of the display refrigerator and the side cabinet. Make the goods clear and easy to clean at the same time. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. Freezer for commercial kitchens and the food industry. When selecting materials. It is also necessary to consider whether they meet food safety standards and avoid using materials that are toxic or easy to release harmful substances.
2. Dustproof and antibacterial: The dustproof and antibacterial properties of food display cabinets are essential to maintain the freshness and hygiene of food. When customizing, materials with dust-proof and antibacterial functions should be selected. Such as stainless steel materials using special coating or surface treatment technology. In addition, regular cleaning and disinfection of display cabinets is also a necessary measure to ensure food safety.
3. Temperature control: For foods that need to be refrigerated or frozen, the temperature control function of the display cabinet is crucial. When customizing, a display cabinet with dual temperature control technology should be selected. It can ensure that the temperature in the cabinet is constant and low to maintain the freshness and nutrition of the food.

2. Design and practicability

1. Size and layout: The size and layout of the food display cabinet should be determined according to the store area, food types and display needs. When choosing the size, it is necessary to consider the size and quantity of food.As well as the spatial layout and aesthetics of the store. In addition, the layout of the display cabinet should also consider the customer’s shopping experience and the display effect of the goods.
2. Lighting design: Lighting design is crucial to enhance the display effect of food. When customizing, the appropriate lighting equipment should be selected. Such as led light strips or downlights to provide adequate lighting and highlight the luster and color of the food. At the same time, the color temperature and brightness of the lighting equipment should also be adjusted according to the characteristics of the food and display needs. To create a comfortable, warm shopping environment.
3. Easy cleanliness: Since the food display cabinet needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Its easy cleanliness should be considered when customizing. Choosing a design with smooth surface and no dead corners can reduce the difficulty of cleaning and improve the efficiency of cleaning. In addition, the corners and gaps of the display cabinet should also pay attention to tightness to avoid food residue and bacterial growth.

3. environmental protection and energy saving

1. Environmentally friendly materials: When choosing the material of the food display cabinet, priority should be given to environmentally friendly materials. Such as recyclable materials, low formaldehyde sheet, etc. This can not only reduce environmental pollution and waste of resources.But also improve the environmental performance and brand image of the display cabinet.
2. Energy saving design: Energy saving design is an important measure to reduce the operating cost of food display cabinets. When customizing, refrigeration equipment and lighting equipment with energy-saving functions should be selected. Such as the use of frequency conversion technology compressor and LED energy-saving lamps. In addition, energy consumption can be reduced by optimizing the structural design and cooling system of the display cabinet.

4.customization and installation

1. Customized needs: When customizing food display cabinets, the individual needs of businesses should be fully considered. Such as brand identity, color matching, special functions, etc. Through customized design, the display cabinet can better meet the brand image of the business and market demand.
2. Installation and commissioning: When installing food display cabinets, a professional installation team should be selected for installation and commissioning. Ensure that the installation position of the display cabinet is correct, stable and reliable, and check whether all functions are running normally. In addition, attention should also be paid to electrical safety and fire safety during the installation process.

In summary, the matters that need to be paid attention to when customizing food display cabinets include food safety and hygiene, design and practicality, environmental protection and energy saving, and customization and installation. By taking these points into account and selecting the appropriate material, size, lighting equipment and other parameters.It is possible to ensure that the customized food display cabinet is both beautiful and practical and meets food safety and hygiene standards.

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